Adult Classes

We offer a range of courses that you may take as adults. The end goal is the same, increased confidence, improved fitness and self defense.


Childrens Classes

If you are looking for Karate for kids, KungFu for kids or Martial Arts for Kids then come to the full time Academy offering the best in tuition.


Corporate Courses

Training is provided by Tony Willis of Be Aware Take Care, the business focused self protection expert


Upcoming Events & Beginners Courses

5 Elements host regular events and courses in our fully equipped Martial Arts Academy. See what we have on offer!



What other said about us

Why 5 Elements?

5 Elements Martial Arts is different we genuinely care about our members, and want them to excel in life.

Tony Willis, Founder and Head Coach - "You know when someone suffers from a lack of self-confidence or has doubts in their abilities and as a result doesn't achieve all they should, gets bullied, gains weight or just doesn't reach their full potential. Well we fix that.”

You see for us martial arts is a way of life and its all about assisting people reach their full potential. We like to understand what our students are looking for from training and how we can help them achieve their objectives. This is a complex and evolving process involving goal setting reviews and spending time talking with each person and working with them when they are ready. If you don’t know what you want to train then just get in touch and we can help guide you.

Club News

Hoodies available

If you would like one of the hoodies please comment or let Hannah or Tony know behind the counter

Kids Hoodies
5-6 -Zipped with 5 elements Detail - £16.99
7-8 - Zipped with 5 elements Detail - £16.99

Adult Hoodies
L - unzipped - £15
L - Plain Black Zipped - £15

Once they are gone they are gone so grab them while you can
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Some highlights from the 5 Elements Trip to Lamai MuayThai. Koh Samui

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The nominees are coming in :-) The Judging will be made up of split votes as follows: Battle Arena - 1 vote ISKA - 1 vote Commentators - 1 vote MMA Mad - 1 vote The public - 1 vote To make your public vote please like the post, write who you are voting for and share the post. the person with the most tags wins the public vote each category will be released separately and thats where you vote dont vote on here :-)

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