K1 & MuayThai Kickboxing

Kickboxing is great fun to learn and is very good for those wanting an effective art in a short period of time. Due to the amount of padwork and range of moves involving the whole body including the use of punching, kicking, knee and elbow techniques it provides a fantastic progressive workout improving fitness and assisting weight loss while delivering self defence.

Our Kickboxing classes are very fast moving and through our unique teaching methods are easily adapted to all students. You don’t need to be young, fit or strong to start kickboxing because our specially designed classes are ideal for newcomers that will give you the fitness and confidence you need. The structure of the classes means that your fitness will rapidly improve and bring with it more confidence.

You have the option of training purely for your self improvement, fitness and enjoyment, or you can follow the competition route which we are able to offer due to our membership of the UK Muay Thai Federation, and the way we work closely with a number of the largest governing bodies such as WKA, IKF, WKU & WAKO.

At 5 Elements we cover training for the following styles:

  • Full Contact Kickboxing
  • Low Kick Kickboxing
  • K1
  • MuayThai Boxing with UK and Thai rules

We do not hold sparring in the main kickboxing classes but have these as separate sessions so those that wish to spar can do so without putting pressure on those members who choose not to.