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MMA Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and you can also attend the Bag Training/sparring sessions either in the evening or lunchtimes, just check the timetable.

Many students want a comprehensive training session which covers a multitude of fighting styles and also covers the very close range of fighting when someone grabs you, throws you or drags you to the ground. This must be practical and provide a good competitive workout for the student.

Also a number of people are attracted to the mixed martial arts after watching various television shows. Our classes are held in a friendly and helpful atmosphere with no ego, while students train techniques based mainly on the nogi Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and Judo. This provides excellent ground skills plus good defence against striking especially on the ground.

For those looking to compete in nogi competitions this provides excellent training. For those looking to compete in MMA they will also need to attend these classes as well as our MuayThai Kickboxing classes.

To ensure that we cater for this area of training we have Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Tony Willis Chief Instructor of 5 Elements,a WAKO certified coach and coupled this with the skills of Fergus Dullaghan and Alex Goodrich both Judo Internationals as well as the great abilities of coach Wes.

The majority of our MMA students don’t want to compete in Full Contact MMA competitions so we can also offer those that are interested in competition the opportunity to compete in either grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions or alternatively you can just train for the fun of the training.

Classes are open to all adults and suitable for both male and female students.

Many of our MMA students also attend either the MuayThai Kickboxing classes.