Little Dragons

For 6-8 Year Old Children

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Some of our Little Dragons training at 5 Elements, Basildons Martial Arts Academy. We currently have spaces in the classes so if interested just contact us to arrange to bring your child down for a free taster session.

Classes are held Monday and Wednesday after school and on Saturday mornings. Please check the timetable for the latest times and call for more information.

We strongly believe that the Marital Arts offer our youngest members of society a sound and beneficial way of learning how to achieve success in life. At 5 Elements Martial Arts we ensure that through the training we provide we develop students with important values including courtesy, respect, patience, confidence, self esteem, positive attitude and indomitable spirit.

Our Little Dragons program is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 8 years. These classes are 30 minutes in duration with monthly evaluations. This is to ensure that concentration is maintained in the classes and the regular evaluations provide support to the students while establishing the concept of goal setting.

Our aim is to make this a positive but fun experience for our members. Our instructors will work with the children through an established reward system to ensure active participation at all levels.

5 Elements Martial Arts Academy are constantly working with leading industry organisations, local schools and parents to understand the way new products can be utilised in the classes for our younger members to improve the sessions. We already have the Little Dragon Attendance Books and the Parent forms associated with these and have added the “Good to be Green” in class behavioural management system aimed at rewarding good behaviours in class and providing a clearly understood system for the children and parents.

Our kids safe program is an established child safety program identified and supported by Black Belt Schools International and has proven to be a major success across the world. Our instructors will ensure an active participation in this program to help your child develop and recognise a healthy personal safety program.

The Little Dragon Training Programme. Little Dragons classes are great for any child who wants to have fun, burn off some extra energy, and learn some basic Martial Arts. It is great for any parent who wants their child to listen better, learn to focus, gain basic fitness skills and understand self-defence.

There are two main elements to teaching young children martial arts; Physical skills – These include learning correct techniques, balance, control, fitness and coordination. Emotional and Mental Skills – Including concentration, discipline, focus, confidence, positive self-esteem and determination.

We try to ensure that our classes address both elements equally whilst keeping the classes fun and appropriate for the age group. We strongly believe that the Martial Arts offer our youngest members of society a sound and beneficial way of learning how to achieve success in life.

We use a variety of methods to teach the classes and develop the students, balancing the need to have fun and keep them motivated whilst establishing self-discipline in each individual.


We appreciate that every person is different and will progress at a different rate, however it is important to set appropriate goals and achievable targets. In martial arts these goals are coloured belts starting at white and gradually getting darker until they reach Black.

It is worth noting that the Little Dragon grades are very different to those of the main classes and do not represent the same level of skill or achievement. It is quite obvious that a six year old ‘black belt’ is not going to be of the same standard as a 36 year old black belt!

To represent this, the Little Dragon belts are white with a coloured stripe. When a Little Dragon is old enough to enter our main classes they wear the belt that they have achieved so far but will not join the class at that belt colour. Rather, they will attempt for their ‘full red belt’ and progress from there.

Belts are awarded based mainly on attendance and behaviour, but we also note: Physical ability – We will note whether the child has made progress in their bodily control and ability to perform the moves that we teach. Mental and Emotional Skills -This includes concentration, memory, focus, teamwork, listening and attention.

Behaviour – Behaviour outside of the classes is as important as behaviour inside the classes. In the week before each grading we will provide a form for the parents to complete which assesses the child’s behaviour in order for them to grade.

You will be surprised at how much the children want to achieve their belts and the changes in their behaviour that can result!

Attendance – Grades can only be achieved if the children attend the classes! Each child has an attendance sheet in this booklet which is stamped at each lesson. Grades and tags are dependent upon a minimum number of lessons.