Junior Classes are for ages 9 to 13.

At 5 Elements Martial Arts we ensure that the training we supply for our junior students is both highly rewarding and great fun. We develop students with important values including courtesy, respect, patience, confidence, self esteem, positive attitude and indomitable spirit.

We hold a grading test 3 times a year to ensure that students have a goal to aim for. We also take badge tests approximately every 6 weeks. These regular evaluations provide support to the students while establishing the concept of goal setting. Our instructors will work with the students through an established reward system to ensure active participation at all levels.

This class develops a significant level of martial arts skills with punching, kicking, blocking, evasion and full use of techniques including Knees and elbows. This prepares them for the adult classes as they are used to working with training partners on pads and drills.

If they want to compete they can join the competition team and train to take part in junior MuayThai and Junior K1 kickboxing events.