Boxing at 5 Elements ABC

Boxing is excellent training for every one of all ages so if you are inspired to get fit, loose weight or just want to have a great fun workout in a structured class then this is for you.

5 Elements ABC is registered with the Amateur Boxing Alliance and London ABA, and we can offer the chance of competition through this organisation.

Boxing Training Sessions are a great way to get fit and have fun punching the pads and bags. Although you will do partner drills during classes you will not spar as we recognise that some students do not wish to spar for a number of different reasons. We therefore offer the opportunity to all our boxing students to attend the bag training & Sparring sessions.



For those students who wish to test their skills by competing we also offer boxing competition training and 5 Elements have been very successful over the years in a number of competitions.

At our Adult Boxing Training Sessions you get the following included in the price

  • Padwork
  • Bag Training
  • Option to Attend Sparring Sessions Twice a week
  • Jump Rope
  • Boxing Skills Training
  • Circuit and Fitness Training
  • Opportunity to compete If that’s Your Goal

The Training Sessions are Friendly and Great Fun So Not Only Are You Getting Fit You Are Also Enjoying It.