Is it safe to train?

Yes its perfectly safe to train at 5 Elements Martial Arts. Our academy is geared for people of all levels and abilities from absolute beginners through to Black Belts, Seniors & Competitors.

What should I wear?

At 5 Elements we supply a uniform in the children’s classes and a T-Shirt for adults when you become a member so you won’t need to go and buy a Marital Arts training suit. When you first come to the school we ask that you wear loose sports clothing such as shorts or jogging trousers and a T-shirt. You wont need training shoes as we train on special padded flooring for comfort and safety and to ensure this remains safe all students we train bare foot. In the Boxing you may wear boxing boots as long as they have never been worn outdoors (trainers are not permitted).

I have specific goals how can you help me?

At 5 Elements all of our members have access to our goal setting and achievement initiative. This is planned and tracked directly with Tony Willis MSc, MBA head of 5 Elements. If this is what you seek just ask at the desk.

What am I actually paying for?

Although we believe we have great facilities and a fantastic environment for learning the Martial Arts the fees you pay are for the coaching and expertise that we provide. Tony Willis has 50 years experience in the Martial Arts and has travelled extensively in the Far East, USA and Asia to enhance his knowledge. In addition the lineage (Instructors) Tony has are second to none ensuring that the coaching that you receive is the best possible. You can learn Martial Arts at hundreds of locations across the UK but if you are looking for experienced helpful coaching to ensure that you or your child achieves their full potential then we are sure this is the place for you.

I am not sure if I should come on my own?

We recognise that it can be intimidating for some people to take that first step through the door especially if people are completely new to the marital arts or you have had a bad experience at another school in the past. We make sure that all potential students are made welcome. We offer the first lesson free of charge with absolutely no commitment so that you can make sure that you are happy with both our teaching style and the atmosphere of the academy before joining. We always make sure that new students are looked after and guided to ensure that no one is left not knowing what to do and feeling awkward.

Do I have to be fit to come to the classes?

Absolutely not. The martial arts will build the fitness you require to train and lead a healthy successful life. The Martial arts are famous for training the mind and internal health as well as the cardiovascular fitness trained in the west.

Do you have any ladies training?

Yes we have ladies in the majority of our classes but we find that kickboxing is the one that attracts the most ladies. The ratio of male/female students per class can change significantly from day to day but please mention this if its of concern to you when you first meet our staff and we will introduce you to other members of your sex to make sure you feel comfortable.

I am overweight and conscious of my body will I be embarrassed?

Most certainly not. We are here to help everyone achieve their full potential, avoid bullying and ensure a friendly safe training atmosphere for all our students. We never single students out and the instructor’s duty at all times is to ensure all their students are welcome and progressing at their own individual pace. Throughout the path from beginner to black belt everyone will reach different obstacles and its the role of the instructor to work with the students to make sure they can overcome these. This is training for a successful life and teaching the route to overcoming obstacles and achieving ones goals. Thats what the martial arts is all about.

I see all the information for beginners but I want to fight and become a professional fighter?

We teach our potential fighters in additional separate classes. Through our links with the WKA, WKO, WAKO, IKF, ISKA, UKMTF and all the other major organisations we have lots of routes to competition including kickboxing, K1, MuayThai, grappling, Boxing, BJJ and MMA. We have had many male and female fighters and champions over the years and Tony is an excellent trainer at the highest level and a great corner man for tactics.

I want to learn traditional martial arts do you only teach the sport side?

No. At 5 Elements we have a wide range of martial arts classes. The Chow Family Southern Mantis Kung Fu is a traditional style of Kung Fu teaching weapons and empty hands techniques in a traditional manner and Sifu Tony Willis traces his lineage through Master Paul Whitrod to the founder of the style. Tony also teaches 1 to 1s on Filipino Eskrima/Kali, a style built on the stick and knife defences from the Philippines and through our links with Guro Krishna Godhania we have a source of training back to Cebu City in the Philippines and the Sayoc lineage in the USA.

I want to come along but don’t know what to learn as I am new to the martial arts?

I would suggest you start with kickboxing or boxing but if unsure simply come along and talk to our staff who will be able to guide you once we understand your requirements. If you want to change as you become familiar with the classes or to do more than one course then thats a simple change that can be made with the help of the staff at the academy. One of the advantages of 5 Elements Martial Arts over other martial arts schools is that we have a wide range of teaching qualifications and experience and you have a choice within the academy itself on what to learn.

I used to do Karate but gave up would I be welcome?

Yes of course. Its quite probable that your previous training skills will come back quite quickly even if you have had a long gap. You should also find that the way the martial arts are taught has changed significantly over recent years and you would be most welcome. All we ask is that you tell the staff when you first come along so that they can make sure you get the correct attention although the instructors will soon be able to tell if you have done any marital art or boxing in the past.

I am worried about being bullied in class?

Tony and the team ensure that there is an absolute zero tolerance for any kind of bullying be it physical or mental. His passion for the martial arts has been aided by his personal abhorrence of bullying and this underlies everything that is taught at the school. Please be assured that this will never be a problem and we have both a child protection policy and ethos throughout all our classes to ensure this is not an issue. We are members of NEST (National Education System for Training) and the Safeguarding Code to help ensure we remain at the forefront of anti bullying learning and development.

What if I want to talk privately to one of the instructors?

A private appointment can be booked either for yourself as a student, as a parent, or for your child directly with Tony Willis founder & Head coach of 5 Elements Martial Arts or with an Instructor at the academy.