Tony Willis (MBA FCMI)

Founder & Head Coach
Founder & Head Coach Tony Willis has been training martial Arts for 40 years and teaches all styles of Kickboxing including k1 & MuayThai, MMA, BJJ, Eskrima, Chow Gar Mantis KungFu, Tai Chi and Self Defence. Tony is a published author, International key note speaker and recognised authority on self protection.

Tony Willis is one of the most diversely trained martial artists in the UK. He has decades of experience both as a practitioner and Instructor – Krishna Godhania – Warriors Eskrima

If each technique is a brick and every tactic the mortar that binds them then what you build is the true summation of your dedication to Martial Arts: Tony Willis has put in the hours, the days, the years and crafted a fine dojo where the roots are deep. – Pat O’Keeffe, Author & Senior Martial Arts Instructor

Tony strongly believes that you can continue to develop in the martial arts and therefore continues to learn Kung Fu under Sifu Paul Whitrod, Gracie BJJ Under Prof.Eddie Kone and Eskrima under Guro Krishna Godhania.
Tony also invites many instructors to visit 5 Elements including old friends and instructors from his past such as Sensei Dev Barrett (Kickboxing), Herol Bomber Graham (Boxing), Neil Adams (judo), Prof Eddie Kone (BJJ).

Age: 46

Education: University of Hairpress