Tony Willis (MBA FCMI)

Founder & Head Coach
Founder & Head Coach Tony Willis has been training martial Arts for 40 years and teaches all styles of Kickboxing including k1 & MuayThai, MMA, BJJ, Eskrima, Chow Gar Mantis KungFu, Tai Chi and Self Defence. Tony is a published author, International key note speaker and recognised authority on self protection.

Tony Willis is one of the most diversely trained martial artists in the UK. He has decades of experience both as a practitioner and Instructor – Krishna Godhania – Warriors Eskrima

If each technique is a brick and every tactic the mortar that binds them then what you build is the true summation of your dedication to Martial Arts: Tony Willis has put in the hours, the days, the years and crafted a fine dojo where the roots are deep. – Pat O’Keeffe, Author & Senior Martial Arts Instructor

Tony strongly believes that you can continue to develop in the martial arts and therefore continues to learn Kung Fu under Sifu Paul Whitrod, Gracie BJJ Under Prof.Eddie Kone and Eskrima under Guro Krishna Godhania.
Tony also invites many instructors to visit 5 Elements including old friends and instructors from his past such as Sensei Dev Barrett (Kickboxing), Herol Bomber Graham (Boxing), Neil Adams (judo), Prof Eddie Kone (BJJ).

Interests: Tony takes particular interest in working with students of all age’s and abilities in developing their goals. These can be linked to martial arts such as weight loss or something completely different. He is able to draw on his vast experience in the martial arts along with his Masters in Business, being a Fellow of the CMI and previous experience when he ran large multi national corporate divisions with several hundred staff.

Kellie Willis

5 Elements
Kellie runs all the administration behind 5 Elements which is a massive task that gets little exposure. Using her extensive experience setting up and operating the HR administration for City based law firms she makes sure that everything  works.
Interesting Fact:
Kellie is training to become a counsellor

Wesley Scott

Martial Arts
Currently training in MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing/K1/MuayThai
What I teach:
Children’s Classes, adult kickboxing and MMA

Unusual Fact: My brother trains at 5 Elements and is often used as my partner in demonstrating a technique to the class.

Hannah Ingram

Customer Service
Martial Arts
Hannah has been a student at 5 Elements for over 8 years and has competed in kickboxing & MuayThai. She trains in Kickboxing, MuayThai, MMA & Boxing. Hannah has joined 5 Elements as a full time member of the team and will be supporting the customers and business as she continues to train to become an instructor.

Alex Goodrich


Age: 36

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Education: University of Hairpress

Fergus Dullaghan

Martial Arts
28 years martial arts experience (various)
Currently training in Judo (2012 Commonwealth silver), BJJ, Sambo & Karate
What you teach:
MMA, Submission Wrestling, Gi based grappling

I blog on martial arts ( and I am a guitarist in a band (

Unusual Fact: I'm currently living and training in Geneva, Switzerland with UFC fighter Igor Araujo refining my game. I love the atmosphere at 5-Elements so much I always come back to teach when I am home.