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5 Elements Martial Arts and Tony Willis hold the copyright to Master Paul Whitrods Video series. These have been migrated to DVD and are available as below.

The DVD price includes Postage and Packing

1st Form Sarm Bo Jin [wp_cart:1st Form Sarm Bo Jin:price:16.00:end]

1st form sarm bo jin

2nd Form Sarm Yui [wp_cart:2nd Form Sarm Yui:price:16.00:end]

2nd form yui kui

3rd Form Pai Kui [wp_cart:3rd Form Pai Kui:price:16.00:end]

3rd form pai kui dvd cover

4th Form Pin Kui [wp_cart:4th Form Pin Kui:price:16.00:end]

4th form pin kui dvd cover

5th Form Yum Yearn [wp_cart:5th form Yum Yearn:price:16.00:end]

5th form yum yearn kum la sau

Fighting Form pt1 [wp_cart:fighting form pt 1:price:16.00:end]

36 section fighting form part1

Fighting Form pt2 [wp_cart:Fighting Form Part 2:price:16.00:end]

36 section fighting form part2

Conditioning [wp_cart:Conditioning:price:16.00:end]

conditioning skills DVD cover

Fighting series 1 [wp_cart:Fighting series 1:price:16.00:end]

Dim Mak fighting series 1 DVD cover

Fighting Series 2 [wp_cart:Fighting series 2:price:16.00:end]

Phoenix Fist and hammer hand DVD cover

Fighting series 3 [wp_cart:Fight series 3 seizing claws:price:16.00:end]

DimMakSeizingSkills DVDcover

Dim Mak Dim Yuet [wp_cart:Dim Mak Dim Yuet:price:20.00:end]


Dip Gwut Gung [wp_cart:Dip Gwut Gung:price:16.00:end]

San Sau 1 [wp_cart:San Sau 1:price:16.00:end]

san sau 1

San Sau 2 [wp_cart:San Sau 2:price:16.00:end]

sansau2 dvd cover

San Sau 3 [wp_cart:San Sau 3:price:16.00:end]

sansau3 dvd cover

5 Element Pole [wp_cart:5 Elements pole:price:16.00:end]

5 element pole

Dim Mak Forms Seminar [wp_cart:Dim Mak Forms Seminar:price:16.00:end]

DimMak&FormsSemina DVDcover

Hidden Dim Mak [wp_cart:Hidden Dim Mak:price:16.00:end]

Hidden Dim Mak techniques DVD cover

Kwan Dao [wp_cart:Kwan Dao:price:16.00:end]

kwan do DVD cover

Fut Sau [wp_cart:Fut Sau:price:16.00:end]

fut sau

Sup Bart Um Gen Sau [wp_cart:Sup Bart Um Gen Sau:price:16.00:end]

supbartumgensau DVD cover

Training Chongs [wp_cart:Training Chongs:price:16.00:end]

Training Chongs DVD cover

Yee Kup Sarm Bo Jin [wp_cart:Yee Kup Sarm Bo Gin:price:16.00:end]


Kau Da Sau [wp_cart:Kau Da Sau:price:16.00:end]

ka dau sau cover

8 Section Brocade [wp_cart:8 section broacde:price:16.00:end]

Hsing Yi 1 [wp_cart:Hsing Yi 1:16.00:end]

hsing y1 dvd1 cover

Hsing Yi 2 [wp_cart:Hsing Yi 2:price:16.00:end]

hsing yi 2 dvd cover

Hsing Yi 3 [wp_cart:Hsing Yi 3:price:16.00:end]

hsing yi 3 dvd cover