Adult Classes

Aged 13+

Kickboxing/K1/Muay Thai

Kickboxing is one of our busiest classes and appeals to a wide range of people. With the classes working on pads for a major part of the session the classes are fantastic for fitness flexibility and weight loss/control. Kickboxing is great for every one of all abilities and we have beginners joining all the time while also having British and World champions training. Tony Willis the chief instructor at 5 Elements shares the teaching with 3 of his team at 5 Elements and has coached a number of top champions as well as new starters looking to simply loose weight. At 5 Elements we are supported as members of the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation which gives our students opportunities and reassurance that they are receiving top quality tuition. Our kickboxing classes cover all styles of kickboxing from Muay Thai through K1 to Full Contact Karate.

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MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport across the world. MMA at 5 Elements includes grappling, striking and fitness work giving a full body workout and training at all levels from striking through to throws and takedowns followed by ground skills. 5 Elements is a recognised member of the Eddie Kone Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association and the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation giving us great backing and skills development. Tony Willis is supported by 3 members of the coaching team at 5 Elements 2 of which are former Elite Level Judo Internationals and 1 a MMA competitor. These classes are suitable for everyone including absolute beginners through to competitors. The way we run the classes you can be sure of safe but effective training which will make these sessions great fun while helping you develop these great skills.

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Adult boxing at 5 Elements gives people a chance to train boxing drills including padwork, bagwork, skipping and some circuit training. We also offer students the opportunity to enter our competition squad for the chance to compete if they wish to do so. Boxing is a fantastic workout and is great for those who don’t think they would enjoy the kicking aspects of kickboxing.

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Chow Gar Kung Fu is from the Chinese Hakka lineage and a close in fighting system from the Southern Shaolin. It is famous for its aggression and effectiveness in close in fighting. These skills are developed by utilizing a range of training techniques developed over the years and passed down through authorized teachers of the system. If you are looking for a devastating traditional martial art with none of the techniques changed to make them safe for sport then this is the system for you. Over the years we have taught many black belts from other styles such as Karate looking for the techniques and roots that were removed from their systems when they were adapted to teach in schools. On the 1st Monday of each month we teach the traditional Chinese weapons covered within the system such as sword, spear, staff, tiger fork, Kwando etc.

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Eskrima sometimes called Kali or Arnis is a devastating self defence system from the Philippines. The system is often recognised by its stick and knife work but covers defence against all weapons and empty hand attacks. This is the system we teach door supervisors and military personnel looking for effective weapons defence systems. Eskrima at 5 Elements is taught by 3rd degree instructor Tony Willis. Tony is a direct private student of Guro Krishna Godhania of Warriors Eskrima. These lessons are taught on a 1 to 1 basis not in a class format.