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At 5 Elements we always like you to come along and take a free taster session. This gives you the opportunity to meet our existing members and our instructors. It also allows you to get a feel of the atmosphere at the academy. This is essential as it makes sure we are a perfect fit for each other.

Adult Classes

Aged 13+

Kickboxing/K1/Muay Thai

Kickboxing is one of our busiest classes and appeals to a wide range of people. With the classes working on pads for a major part of the session the classes are fantastic for fitness flexibility and weight loss/control. Kickboxing is great for every one of all abilities and we have beginners joining all the time while also having British and World champions training. Tony Willis the chief instructor at 5 Elements shares the teaching with 3 of his team at 5 Elements and has coached a number of top champions as well as new starters looking to simply loose weight. At 5 Elements we are supported as members of the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation which gives our students opportunities and reassurance that they are receiving top quality tuition. Our kickboxing classes cover all styles of kickboxing from Muay Thai through K1 to Full Contact Karate.

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MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport across the world. MMA at 5 Elements includes grappling, striking and fitness work giving a full body workout and training at all levels from striking through to throws and takedowns followed by ground skills. 5 Elements is a recognised member of the Eddie Kone Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association and the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation giving us great backing and skills development. Tony Willis is supported by 3 members of the coaching team at 5 Elements 2 of which are former Elite Level Judo Internationals and 1 a MMA competitor. These classes are suitable for everyone including absolute beginners through to competitors. The way we run the classes you can be sure of safe but effective training which will make these sessions great fun while helping you develop these great skills.

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Adult boxing at 5 Elements gives people a chance to train boxing drills including padwork, bagwork, skipping and some circuit training. We also offer students the opportunity to enter our competition squad for the chance to compete if they wish to do so. Boxing is a fantastic workout and is great for those who don’t think they would enjoy the kicking aspects of kickboxing.

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Chow Gar Kung Fu is from the Chinese Hakka lineage and a close in fighting system from the Southern Shaolin. It is famous for its aggression and effectiveness in close in fighting. These skills are developed by utilizing a range of training techniques developed over the years and passed down through authorized teachers of the system. If you are looking for a devastating traditional martial art with none of the techniques changed to make them safe for sport then this is the system for you. Over the years we have taught many black belts from other styles such as Karate looking for the techniques and roots that were removed from their systems when they were adapted to teach in schools. On the 1st Monday of each month we teach the traditional Chinese weapons covered within the system such as sword, spear, staff, tiger fork, Kwando etc.

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Eskrima sometimes called Kali or Arnis is a devastating self defence system from the Philippines. The system is often recognised by its stick and knife work but covers defence against all weapons and empty hand attacks. This is the system we teach door supervisors and military personnel looking for effective weapons defence systems. Eskrima at 5 Elements is taught by 3rd degree instructor Tony Willis. Tony is a direct private student of Guro Krishna Godhania of Warriors Eskrima. These lessons are taught on a 1 to 1 basis not in a class format.


Mini Elements

For the youngest children we teach Mini Elements. This class is for children from 3 to 5 years of age. The aim is to improve your child’s coordination and fitness through skills based on martial arts. There is no contact allowed in these classes.

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Little Dragons

The Little Dragons classes start to introduce children to some of the martial aspects of the club, such as fitness, balance, control and basic punches and kicks to introduce the kids to the concept of self defence in a safe and responsible environment. Classes are 30 minutes long and we use the Good to be Green behaviour system and badges are every 6 weeks.

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The Juniors Martial Arts class teaches the important values of respect, confidence and self esteem to children. Classes are 45 minutes long. Children start to learn more martial skills to develop on what is taught in the Little Dragons classes. This class covers core skills including the use of the pads and punchbags including partner drills.

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Private Lessons are available in any of the following or you can mix these during the lesson if you choose. The beauty of a private lesson is that you have the chance to discuss your exact requirements with the instructor and work with them to ensure the session is exactly suited and tailored for you as an individual.

These personal training sessions are available at our full time dedicated Martial Arts Center in Basildon Essex.

Sessions are available outside our normal timetable or during Bag Training & Sparring sessions. Please contact us to arrange a day & time that is available.

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For Private lessons you have the option of choosing from our instructors below

Wesley Scott


1 to 1 session with one of 5 Elements fully qualified, insured instructors. Cover any of the below.

Kick Boxing/K1/MuayThai

1 Hour Private Lesson with Wesley Scott @ £40
5 of 1 Hour Private Lesson with Wesley Scott @ £170

Mark Shoebridge

1 to 1 session with one of 5 Elements fully qualified, insured instructors. Cover any of the below.

Chow Gar KungFu

1 Hour Private Lesson with Mark @ £40
5 of 1 Hour Private Lesson with Mark @ £170


Chief Instructor Tony Willis – The Trainer of Champions

Fitness and Weight Control including Fighters Diets
Goal Setting and Personal Coaching
Self Defence
Chow Gar Southern Mantis Kung Fu

1 Hour Lesson for Max of 4 people directly with Tony Willis @ £150

Corporate Training

Corporate training by Tony Willis MBA FCMI ASyI from both 5 Elements Martial Arts & Be Aware Take Care

presenting to a team in London

Tony Willis MBA FCMI ASyI runs our corporate training section and we offer two main areas. One is run under the banner of the 5 Elements Martial Arts Academy and the other by our sister organisation Be Aware Take Care.



5 Elements Training

Learning to control breathing & stress for public speaking

  • Suitable for anyone new to public speaking
  • For anyone who gets nervous and would like to learn to control their reactions
  • A huge game changer in projecting your confidence


Relaxation & Stretching Exercises from Tai Chi & Qi Gong

  • If your teams spend too long behind a desk working away then this short training session gives them simple safe and easy to remember routines to strecth out thos etired muscles and relax
  • If you travel too much and feel cramped
  • If you simply want to learn to relax
  • Maybe you tried meditation but kept thinking about all the things you had to do and simply couldn’t relax this is for you


Be Aware Take Care


Read the Interview with Tony Willis on Travel Safety By Editor of Business Travel iQ Amanda Greenwood


image for beawaretakecare

When Tony Willis MBA FCMI  was a Director working in the City of London and travelling extensively on business for many years, he noticed that the majority of people he travelled with or met had little or no idea on how to ensure their personal safety, security of sensitive documents or confidential items such as laptops. Tony is a published author and International speaker and splits his time presenting to organisations and teaching at the academy.

Whether it’s handling the daily commute, navigating foreign cities or simply being aware of potential threats in Airports and Hotels the training provided along with the tried and tested techniques and tips will help you and your team stay safe when going about your work.

Tony is founder and Head Coach of Be Aware Take Care & 5 Elements Martial Arts LLP . Additionally Tony specialises in weapons defence and has previously held NATO, USAF & Metropolitan Police Security Clearance, is fully insured and has active enhanced DBS. Tony is currently studying an MSc in Counter Terrorism


What our clients said following their training

“Business travelling is getting more and more uncomfortable with increased pressures on time and reduced budgets, especially in the big cities like Berlin, London and Paris.  Rushing from one meeting to the next often under significant stress business travellers are especially vulnerable. Advice on how to avoid difficult situations and maintain personal safety in these situations is absolutely essential for today’s business community…”

Hans-Peter Portner, Global Transition & Transformation Manager

“Being a frequent traveller I know the importance of avoiding conflict and Tony Willis has successfully captured the essentials on what to look for and how to act”

Magnus Lundgren, Strategic Sales Director Ericsson

“Recently, Tony Willis was invited to give a conference in our organisation. He presented the concept Be aware – stay safe developed by himself. We discovered a very interesting approach of self-protection and we were amazed by all the good tips and tricks he provided us with. Very useful for all those who are travelling from time to time, whether for professional or personal reasons.”

Birgit Ben Yedder, Admin Asst, The European Commission, Luxembourg

The Tried & Tested 3 Step System to Mastering Safe Travel

Tony uses his Tried and Tested 3 Step System To Mastering Safe Travel as the foundation for the different courses, presentations and workshops offered.

Our training is tailored specifically to that particular audience at that time. Although the fundamental principles and foundation remain the same no two courses are likely to be the same as the attendees will be at varying levels of seniority, experience different risk factors and undertake different tasks throughout their day. With that being understood we would always like to gain an understanding of both the organisation and the attendees for each element of the training we provide.

There are 3 key product offerings that we have found to be a good framework to build upon.

  • Annual support programme – Starting with a workshop and then as part of our Mastermind group as well as continual support throughout the year including additional meetings, presentations, 1 to 1 support and additional advice and assistance via Skype/Email/Telephone including individual tailored advice, Risk Assessments, Risk Planning and guidance.


  • A key note or conference format of about 1 hour.  – Tailored to the company and audience either through role or level.


  • Half day workshops going into detail on areas that apply specifically to those attending. – For example specialising on areas that impact that team or attendees in particular such as flying, trains, foreign travel, high risk areas or unsociable hours.

Here is a short example of the sort of event we provide

Self Protection – Ideal for Business Travelers and Executive teams

Most people have an understanding of what the term self-defence means, however in our experience the term self protection is less widely understood. Self Protection is a term used where someone proactively takes precautions, increases awareness and understanding of risks in both the workplace and general environment in order to avoid confrontation, assault, theft or other undesirable results.

Many of the principles discussed and explained on our courses are very simple to implement and have no adverse impact on someone’s professional and private life, but may have a major affect on their and their companies safety and security.

Corporate courses are run in an office environment with Powerpoint presentations and active discussion from all the participants. Attendees are encouraged to discuss how the principles covered apply to their working environment and also their life outside of work. This is a course that actively promotes prevention and safety. The topics covered are simple to implement and cover a wide range of different working environments and practices. Securing both your employees, the company site, company equipment and information could be a very financially rewarding preventative measure.
About the Course & Instructor

When Tony Willis was a Director working in the City of London and travelling extensively on business, he noticed that the majority of people he travelled with or met had little or no idea on how to ensure their personal safety, security of sensitive documents or confidential items such as laptops. Tony has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years and teaches kickboxing, Kali/Eskrima/Arnis, Kung Fu, self-protection and self-defence. Although there is a high demand for self-defence courses there is little awareness of self-protection, which can be likened to locks on your windows or a burglar alarm while self-defence can be likened to calling the police to report a break-in. Additionally self-defence takes some time to learn effectively, is physical and therefore may not be suitable for teaching in the workplace.

This course is designed to cover a large number of topics through discussion and presentation within a 4-hour session held at your workplace. Tony has held NATO, USAF & Metropolitan Police Security Clearance.

Who should attend

  • People who travel on business
  • Staff who work outside their company offices
  • Employees who meet or entertain customers outside of the office
  • Staff who work at night
  • Staff who travel at night
  • Staff who go to and from the car park
  • Staff who work alone
  • Staff you believe may benefit from enhancing their personal safety

Why You Should Encourage Employees To Attend

In only half a day you are bringing the subject of personal safety to the attention of your employees. Much like general Health and Safety this is all about prevention. Our aim is to get your staff to understand and start to think about their personal safety in order to avoid confrontation. This is a very cost-effective method of supporting your staff and could help to avoid costly time off work.

If you would like to provide this service to your staff then email or telephone for availability.


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Self Defence Courses for the Corporate Environment

Effective Self defence can be taught in a week long course or for 2 hours over a period of weeks. Our preferred solution for self defence is that this is covered during the week long course. Our self defence courses center around awareness and avoiding confrontation, however we realise that in some cases and some particular jobs there is a need for self defence to be learnt in cases where avoidance is not possible.

Self defence techniques have to be simple to be effective and even these simple effective techniques are difficult to employ under the sever stress caused by the natural reaction of fear and the biological consequences of this such as the increase in adrenaline. These courses are taught by fully qualified and insured instructors who have a strong background in many Martial Arts, including KAli/Eskrima/Arnis, Kickboxing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Chow Family Southern Praying Mantis and Tai Chi.

It may however take between 5 to 10 years to learn effectively so only a very small number of techniques will be taught, where the emphasis is on preemptive strikes in order to allow the defender to get away from the scene of trouble, as quickly and safely as possible. You will not learn the locks, kicks or more advanced techniques covered in the style as although some of these could be taught within the time period it is completely unrealistic to assume they could be employed effectively under pressure in such a short time. Over confidence or a false sense of security could be the most dangerous part of attending a self defence course and ensuring this is covered in depth during the course is essential. There are many self defence courses around but we strongly believe practicality and a sense of realistic expectation must be an integral part of any self defense course.

Week Long courses can be held either at your premises or at a local off site residential location where we usually use hotel conference facilities.


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Tai Chi & Qi Gong For The Corporate Environment

There are two main applications for Tai Chi & Qi Gong in the Corporate environment. These are Stress relief and reduction of tiredness or stiffness from prolonged activity such as sitting at a desk or constantly working with VDUs or computers. Stress at work is recognised as a serious issue by many employers and the relaxation that comes from continued practice of Qi Gong can be highly beneficial. This set of simple exercises which involve controlled breathing and gentle stretching or maneuvering of the body alignments can also help prevent uncomfortable pains from stiffness or repetitive functions which can result in time off work.

Our fully insured and qualified instructors can run these courses for half a day in your offices. They are completely safe to practice, simple to learn and and once learnt can be used at the discretion of the staff who attended. Attendees can wear either their usual business clothing or any suitable loose clothing.

The range of techniques taught can be practiced in their entirety or particular parts practiced on their own. This means that the time spent by someone using these could be a mere 2 minutes at their desk to reduce fatigue or for as long as someone wants at home for healthy exercise.

Courses can be run for up to 10 people at a time and are available in the UK, Europe and other regions on request.


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