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Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training sessions give students a fantastic opportunity to train grappling and submission skills wearing the traditional GI, sometimes called a Kimono. These sessions are absolutely fantastic and are taught by 3 different instructors all bringing some unique skills to the mix to ensure the students have the best possible training.

The instructors are Chief Instructor of 5 Elements Tony Willis and BJJ student of Gracie BJJ Black Belt Eddie Kone and elite Level Judo Internationals Fergus Dullaghan and Alex Goodrich. Fergus also has many years of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to add to his Judo skills. Tony started training in a GI in the mid 1970′s and is now a private student of Gracie BJJ Black Belt Professor Eddie Kone.

5 Elements is an affiliated school to the Eddie Kone Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (EKBJJ), hosting regular seminars with Eddie Kone at the Academy. Membership of the association also gives members the opportunity to train at other EKBJJ events and gatherings.
These classes are also great for grapplers and MMA students wishing to improve their technique. 5 Elements also compete in BJJ and NO GI Grappling competitions.